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How We Help

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Perfection takes Planning

As a client, you will receive our individual attention. We consider coordinating and personally planning with you an essential part of ensuring your desires for your special day are fulfilled.

There are no re-do's and that is why we make it a priority to set time aside to digest your wishes and concerns. It is our custom to meet face to face with you prior to your event to discuss these details and create an event timeline with you.

Details will include:
     • Your preference of introduction
     • Special announcements
     • Timing of toasts
     • Timing of dances
     • Song choices
     • Special requests

Your input on these aspects matched with our expertise will enable us to give you what would appear to be a seamless production! We work with you so your "must play" music is ready to go and your "don't play" music will be discreetly left out of the event if requested by guests. Our focus is assuring that your desires are priority.

Your reception deserves a professionally coordinated event, and so MBC Entertainment engages your caterer, photographer, and host management, etcetera, to provide a unified service and an enjoyable and relaxing event for you and your guests.

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