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Custom Lighting


Wedding Reception Lighting Ideas MBC Entertainment Disc Jockeys LED Uplighting

Since most people don’t have just one favorite color, consider using multiple colors to uplight your event with. We are proud to offer programmable LED uplighting by your DJ. We will make it possible to reinvent your space with color throughout your event and add excitement to your dance floor.

We can provide you with up to 20 of these amazing lights.

Have a look at the dramatic way this uplighting can change your venue:


Gobo LED Projection Lighting

Personalize your wedding decor in a spectacular fashion. Your guests will truly be impressed!

Your names are projected on an appropriate surface, such as the wall, ceiling or dance floor. Have your choice from over 150 different designs.


Intelligent Dance Lighting

Intelligent dance floor lighting takes DJ lighting to a whole new level, giving your event the look and feel of a nightclub or concert. The only limitation of intelligent lighting is your imagination! With the use of a special controller, we will be in control of the patterns, speed, color and other functionality of the light fixtures. The colors are brighter, more vivid, and offer more combinations than ordinary lighting. Intelligent lighting also gives you the ability to spotlight your special moments and add a real “wow factor” to your event.

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